In the last few years, the explosive innovation in technology, has vastly increased our ability to perform fast, accurate and affordable DNA analysis through sites such as 23andME. These DNA tests offer a unique opportunity for us to learn about our personal genetic make up and how they may impact our health. Genetic studies and analysis has lead to a large database of information that not only allows us a greater understanding of our genes and their function; but also the impact certain lifestyle choices may have on our health, risk for diseases, and longevity.  

These genetic variations also affect the way our bodies absorb, metabolize and utilize nutrients and even determine how efficiently we eliminate and process substances, xenobiotics and carcinogens. Studies of genes interacting with our environment (food, nutrients, pollutants) is called Nutrigenomics and is the most advanced personalized nutrition therapy available. 

Advancements in fields such as nutrigenomics and genomic medicine enable us to interpret genetic data and predict the most favorable nutritional and lifestyle strategies specific to a person's genotype: encouraging certain genes to express more or reducing expression of other genes and thereby reducing genetically predisposed disease risks.

By analyzing your DNA data, we create personalized nutrition recommendations designed to improve your health and quality of life. For those with complicated health conditions, especially of unknown origin, a DNA analysis can help uncover which genes are contributing to your symptoms, even when normal blood work indicates you are healthy. Nutrigenomic recommendations can have a huge impact on not only the prevention or management of disease, but also fertility, energy, brain fog, sleep quality and much more.

Personalized DNA report

When we know more about our personal genetic make up, we can learn to implement lifestyle changes to optimise how our genes function. This gives us the power to adjust our diet, lifestyle, nutrition, medication and environment to improve not only our health, but reduce the aging process, reduce disease risks; increase energy and longevity and be the best possible YOU you can be. 

Where to get a DNA test?

There are several commercially available private DNA companies. I can analyse data from sites such as 23andME , My Heritage , and I prefer 23andMe as it has the most health related data.

Once you have your DNA data from your provider of choice, you can download the 'raw data file' and email it to me for your comprehensive personalized genetic health report. 


My name is Bailey Farstad. I'm originally from the US, but have been living in Norway since 2003. I worked as a physicist before I started working with personalized DNA reports in 2011. 

I've been very interested in Nutrigenomics and Genomic Medicine since the field began. The field of personalised nutrition and personalized medicine has been very popular in the US for quite some time and only now is it really available for commercial use in Norway. I'm hoping to provide the same personalized health service to Norwegians that we have utilized in the US for many years.